Integration of Films into School Education

National Film Week for Schools has prepared a handbook for film education in English which is suitable for both novice and expert film educators. In the handbook, you can find multiple examples of pedagogical tasks approaching films in school environment. Handbook for Film Education offers tools for film education, explores the pedagogics of film education, and answers the questions: What is film education? Why should film education be a part of basic education? At its best, film can act as a comprehensive part of teaching. The goal is to introduce pupils to films as a form of art, culture, and language, and show them that films are a meaningful tool in learning and self-expression.

National Film Week for Schools is held in week 40 and it gathers many organizations of Finnish film education to provide material to the website The web version of Handbook for Film Education can also be found in the official website of National Film Week of Schools

In the Film Week for Schools, we think film as an art form and as a cultural phenomenon belongs into schools. The educational potential of films has not been fully used or recognised in the Finnish curricula. That is the reason why National Film Week for Schools offers free learning environment for films and film education online.

Text: Tiia Hyvälä
Koulujen elokuvaviikko

Photo: Juuso Haarala


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