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Media Literacy Week celebrates diversity in creating and developing a better media environment for all

Safer Internet Day is celebrated in Finland as Media Literacy Week. The aim of Media Literacy Week is to advance the media literacy skills of children and young people, as well as to support professional educators, guardians and other adults in their important media educational tasks.

50 partner organisations

Media Literacy Week celebrates diversity in creating and developing a better internet. The number and scope of the activities designed for every MLWillustrate the variety of the perspectives related to fostering wellbeing in this digitalised world. Every year around 30 different materials or campaigns are created together and in cooperation with more than 50 partner organisations from all sectors of society, from public institutions to NGOs and private companies.

Lots of activities

Activities are designed for various groups from professional educators (such as the early childhood educators, teachers, librarians and youth workers) to the general public. Activities vary from events and campaigns to publishing educational materials. Media Literacy Week is celebrated, for example, in seminars, workshops, webinars and public discussions. Most importantly, Media Literacy Week encourages local institutions (such as schools, libraries, youth work centres, museums and kindergartens) to try out new ways to support media literacy during the campaign week. Media Literacy Week supports media education work development and aims for year round practical application in thousands of organizations all over the country.

What is Media Literacy?

In today’s society, the internet and other digital media offers various opportunities for wellbeing and good life. By fostering the key competences of today and tomorrow, it is possible to foster the possibilities to actively participate, for example, by creating media content or connecting respectively. 

Materials in English

Check the Media Literacy School for materials in English.